Capital Easy work with their clients to provide either on or off-balance sheet financing for their equipment needs.
We provide a strategy for total life cycle management that delivers greater accounting and administration efficiency and allows
you to conserve valuable working capital and increase returns to your business.

A Capital Easy Lease will enable your business to remain competitive and keep up with the rapid pace of technological change,
which is essential in today’s competitive business environment.

Capital Easy work with their clients to provide either on or off-balance sheet financing for their equipment needs.
We provide a strategy for total life cycle management that delivers greater accounting and administration efficiency and allows you to conserve valuable working capital and increase returns to your business.

A Capital Easy Lease will enable your business to remain competitive and keep up with the rapid pace of technological change,
which is essential in today’s competitive business environment.


We are an experienced group of finance professionals with a vision to develop an industry leading business. Our innovative financial structuring assists Government, Education and Commercial business in whole of lifecycle equipment acquisition. We solve the dilemmas’ of upfront capital demands – by amortising the cost of such equipment or software over its business useful life – either on balance sheet or off.

Additionally, our in-house Reuse-RecycleIT division provides valuable secondary remarketing of your surplus equipment so as you obtain the highest sale value on your old equipment, resulting in the lowest cost term usage by the business.

The Capital Easy Group are world class business asset solution providers, whose capabilities span from simple equipment financing, to complex compliant financial modelling or detailed asset management and ICT disposal solutions. An ISO 14001:2015 certified organisation – and a member of the Australian Valuation Institute, we know that only a business with the highest values can deliver strong and sustainable results for your business success.

Our goal is to help client business’ reach their equipment ambitions in the most efficient way.

Our focus on personal service and customer solutions is a driving priority. This means that when you engage Capital Easy, one of our experienced and professional officers will oversee each element of the acquisition from start to finish. It’s this end to end Customer focus that sets Capital Easy apart from others and why it was judged ACT Small Business of the year.

Accredited by the Commonwealth and ACT Governments, Capital Easy deals with a wide and diverse range of clients. So whether you’re an individual, a sole trader, a large corporate or, a government department Capital Easy can assist you with your business equipment needs. CAPITAL – the Easy way…


The Capital Easy Group has three branches, all aimed towards business’ and the lifecycle of their equipment. We are comprised of……

  • Capital Easy Finance & Leasing
    Financing business equipment in an efficient, productive and tax effective manner. Capital Easy work with their clients to provide either on or off-balance sheet financing. A Capital Easy Lease will enable your business to remain competitive and keep up with the rapid pace of technological change, which is essential in today’s competitive business environment.

  • Reuse-RecycleIT
    Specialising in the facilitation and logistics management of recycling and reusing end-of-life IT and office equipment. RRIT aims to get maximum returns for your business from its redundant assets.

  • Drive Easy Vehicle Finance.
    Providing fast business vehicle finance without putting a strain on your cash flow. We provide funding for both new and used vehicles from either a local or interstate dealer or private sale.


Capital Easy Finance & Leasing is the leading function of the Capital Easy Group. Capital Easy, was formed in Canberra over 20 years ago to meet the needs of the Commonwealths IT funding requirements and has dedicated itself to providing complete financing solutions for government and corporate clients across Australia.

By way of example Capital Easy is a financier to the CSIRO, Department of Finance and ACT Government for in excess of 17 years. It is this end-to-end hands-on experience that gives Capital Easy the confidence that the support arrangements for your business equipment funding will be exceeded.

James (Founder and CEO)
Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and currently studying an MBA (RMIT)

James has arguably the most extensive pedigree available in specialist IT leasing and asset services to Government, Business or Industry. He has spent much of his 35-year career within the insurance and finance discipline. James has worked as a specialist State Manager for equipment financier (Elderslie) for over six years and was then appointed to its Board of Directors.

James has provided total master leasing services for Australian Government: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Information Technology, Communications and the Arts, Health, Treasury, Veterans’ Affairs, Defence and numerous Australian government agencies since 1996.

James has highly regarded client management and negotiation skills. He is also an innovative thinker, a natural problem solver and prides himself on exceeding client expectations in all of his customer dealings. He is an excellent communicator and is actively involved in all major accounts and the community generally. James and his family live locally in the ACT.

James is a registered Stock and Station Real-estate Auctioneer (not practicing), and is a member of the Australian Valuers Institute.


As vital as new equipment is to your business, equally important is financing it in a way that is efficient, tax effective, and maximises productivity. Capital Easy will work with you to structure your lease to meet any special business cash flow requirements you have.

Whilst we provide a comprehensive range of Business Products, our leading capability is in providing Operating lease. Other products include Finance Lease, Commercial Hire Purchase, and Working Capital Finance. Capital Easy will structure a solution to meet your Business needs.

Equipment Financed Includes:

  • IT equipment (Computers, networks, printers etc)

  • Telecommunications (PABX’s & Handsets)

  • Gaming Equipment

  • Medical & Dental

  • Plant & Machinery

  • Office fit out & equipment

  • Fork Lifts, Pallet trucks, Bulldozers & Graders

Core Competencies

  • The ability to provide an Operating Lease Product that conforms to Australian Accounting Standard (AASB 16).

  • Flexible & Transparent. Capital Easy is a wholly owned Australian business (SME) who assist in Financial structuring across Australia from either small business to large corporate or Government.

  • Trade in and disposal of obsolete Equipment ( & replacement).

  • “Sale and Leaseback” of equipment to untie held business capital.

  • Demonstrated Capability to provide Terms and Conditions acceptable to the Australian Government Solicitor.

  • Flexible leases that allow you to “add-on” or upgrade the equipment during the term.

CE Master Facility

A master lease facility provides business with a pre approved fixed credit limit as part of your initial approval. It allows the business to draw down against this limit as required. Further drawdowns do not require further credit assessment, and are simple schedule setting out the payments for that contract.

  • Once drawn, rates are fixed for the term. Prearranged benchmarks are provided in the event of interest rate fluctuations during the term of the facility.

  • Administration and Invoicing is simple and can be dispatched under a single statement or to individual cost centres.

  • Terms may vary on each draw down from 6 months to 5 years.

  • One cost payment – You can include maintenance, service, training, & Integrated Services.

  • The Business may set and vary payments to suit cash flow under each draw down.

Asset Management

Capital Easy can provide tailored Asset Management Solutions from simply providing your business a password protected access to asset information via. the Web or a completely outsourced service of Life cycle Asset management and Asset Audit services.

Either way, Capital Easy can help you keep track of the details relating to your asset Management allowing you to concentrate on the “Bigger picture”.

Asset Valuation

Capital Easy can provide a certified valuation service to assist in confirming “book value” of assets or for disposal.

Trade Ins

Capital Easy uses its knowledge of wholesale and retail markets together with intelligence gained from additional research to determine market-leading trade in values.

Capital Easy holds strategic relations with Australia’s leading re-marketers of equipment ensuring your business maximises the value of any trade in with the guarantee that what you get paid isn’t eroded by transport or auction costs.


What are my options at the end of an operating lease?

Under an operating lease you agree to a minimum number of rental payments being made, at the end of that term you have a number of options open to you these are:

  • To rent new equipment.

  • To continue to rent the same equipment at discount to your previous payments.

  • To return the equipment

  • To buy the equipment at market value.

Who do you lease to?

We lease to businesses, incorporated bodies, schools and government. We do not lease to home users for individual purposes.

What do you need to give me an approval?

Depending on the approval value we would need a copy of your financial accounts and business references. If you give us permission to contact your accountant we will save you time and get all the information direct.

Can I choose my own equipment?

Capital Easy are vendor independent which means we are free to work with any equipment suppliers you choose. You are free to choose the equipment you want, work with who you want and any savings you negotiate will flow on to you through lower lease prices.

Can I upgrade my equipment during the term?

Yes, equipment can be upgraded during your contract – we take into consideration the higher value of the equipment we have received back from you and take that from your outstanding payments and if there are any additional charges that can be rolled into your new agreement. Your business will always have access to the equipment it needs.


  • James and his team at Capital Easy have provided me with trustworthy advice, reliable services, and innovative solutions for almost 20 years whilst at DFAT, ACT Government and Telstra. From simply sourcing the most competitive finance rates, to procuring hard to find, end of life networking equipment, James has always delivered. One of projects that I am most proud to be part of was when James put forward an idea to completely change the way the ACT Government was disposing of its end of life IT assets in order to reduce our ongoing costs. Through his innovative disposal brokerage service, we were able to not only avoid any ongoing costs, but generated significant revenue back to the Territory with zero IT equipment going to landfill or recycling. An amazing achievement thanks to James and his team at Capital Easy.
    Peter Lopa
    Senior Commercial Manager Federal Government - Commercial & Contract Operations - Global Services, Telstra Enterprise
  • Following an exhaustive RFQ process, DFAT accepted a leasing model for the supply of PC’s and Printers under an Operating Lease. The Department gained benefits such as the ability to keep up to date with the latest technologies, and asset management. It is estimated that the leasing model will save DFAT at least $1.0m a year. By taking this path the Department has given the opportunity to an Australian company to manage and deliver its IT&T services and equipment.
    Doug Woodhouse
    Assistant Secretary – Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade.
  • Capital Easy holds a strong demonstrated capability with working with the Federal Government agencies. Recently its Operating Lease gave us the flexibility to upgrade our equipment during our lease term. We replaced our entire office of desktop PC’s whilst maintaining our lease payments at the same level.
    Dean Browne
    Professional Services Review Board
  • In a constantly changing regulatory environment our business relies on a contemporary IT platform. As to today’s competitive business environment we need to make sure systems remains up to date. Using an Australian Accounting Standard  compliant (AAS 17) Operating Lease, Capital Easy gave us a life-cycle replacement plan and has reduced our total cost of equipment ownership by bundling maintenance, service and software as one basic monthly cost. It allows us to add or upgrade at any time during the term.
    Mark Hosking
  • I have known and used the services of the principles of Capital Easy for over 20 years. In my past personal dealings they have demonstrated that they can reduce the overall cost of ownership of your IT equipment, spread payments over the life of equipment and free up important investment capital.
    Kevin Hunt
    CEO Mirvac Melbourne
  • ActewAGL confirms that Capital Easy has been a significant supplier of ICT Financing and disposal services for many years. ActewAGL utilises the Reuse-RecycleIT division of the business for end of life solutions for e-waste and retired technology. Being a company with environmental responsibilities including ISO 14001 certification, it is important to ActewAGL that we ensure our end of life solutions align with our responsibilities.

    For this reason, we utilise Reuse-RecycleIT, who are likewise ISO 14001 certified, for managing end of life obligations.

    James and the team at Reuse-RecycleIT are dedicated to providing professional and timely services, having supporting ActewAGL through major business change, from divestments through to data centre retirement.

    Ashley Scott
    ICT Asset Manager, ActewAGL
  • As a Public Affairs business – relationships and strategic advice we know all to well. As a new business we were growing fast and wanted to open new offices to service national clients. Capital Easy looked at the strengths of our business and organized equipment funding for our new locations. We now have offices in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne and use Capital Easy for all our funding needs.
    Michelle MacDonald
    Director, Parker and Partners
  • I have no hesitation in highly recommending Capital Easy. James and Helen have been incredibly helpful to the College. Nothing is too difficult and the process is made simple with the expertise that the team has. James is an old boy of the College and is always interested in our business operations and successes. Together we have achieved solutions for our financing needs that are innovative and highly effective. Capital Easy is an important business partner of the College and we are grateful for their expertise and assistance.
    Christine Worth
    Business Manager, Marist College Canberra


Capital Easy acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples as the First Australians.

We acknowledge the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples across this land. We respectfully recognise Elders both past and present.