Capital Easy work with their clients to provide either on or off-balance sheet financing for their equipment needs.
We provide a strategy for total life cycle management that delivers greater accounting and administration efficiency and allows
you to conserve valuable working capital and increase returns to your business.

A Capital Easy Lease will enable your business to remain competitive and keep up with the rapid pace of technological change,
which is essential in today’s competitive business environment.

Capital Easy Products

As vital as new equipment is to your business, equally important is financing it in a way that is efficient, tax effective, and maximises productivity. Capital Easy will work with you to structure your lease to meet any special business cash flow requirements you have.

Whilst we provide a comprehensive range of Business Products, our leading capability is in providing Operating lease. Other products include Finance Lease, Commercial Hire Purchase, and Working Capital Finance. Capital Easy will structure a solution to meet your Business needs.

Equipment Financed Includes:

  • IT equipment (Computers, networks, printers etc)

  • Telecommunications (PABX’s & Handsets)

  • Gaming Equipment

  • Medical & Dental

  • Plant & Machinery

  • Office fit out & equipment

  • Fork Lifts, Pallet trucks, Bulldozers & Graders

Core Competencies

  • The ability to provide an Operating Lease Product that conforms to Australian Accounting Standard (AAS 17).

  • Flexible & Transparent. Capital Easy is a wholly owned Australian business (SME) who assist in Financial structuring across Australia from either small business to large corporate or Government.

  • Trade in and disposal of obsolete Equipment ( & replacement).

  • “Sale and Leaseback” of equipment to untie held business capital.

  • Demonstrated Capability to provide Terms and Conditions acceptable to the Australian Government Solicitor.

  • Flexible leases that allow you to “add-on” or upgrade the equipment during the term.

CE Master Facility

A master lease facility provides business with a pre approved fixed credit limit as part of your initial approval. It allows the business to draw down against this limit as required. Further drawdowns do not require further credit assessment, and are simple schedule setting out the payments for that contract.

  • Once drawn, rates are fixed for the term. Prearranged benchmarks are provided in the event of interest rate fluctuations during the term of the facility.

  • Administration and Invoicing is simple and can be dispatched under a single statement or to individual cost centres.

  • Terms may vary on each draw down from 6 months to 5 years.

  • One cost payment – You can include maintenance, service, training, & Integrated Services.

  • The Business may set and vary payments to suit cash flow under each draw down.

Asset Management

Capital Easy can provide tailored Asset Management Solutions from simply providing your business a password protected access to asset information via. the Web or a completely outsourced service of Life cycle Asset management and Asset Audit services.

Either way, Capital Easy can help you keep track of the details relating to your asset Management allowing you to concentrate on the “Bigger picture”.

Asset Valuation

Capital Easy can provide a certified valuation service to assist in confirming “book value” of assets or for disposal.

Trade Ins

Capital Easy uses its knowledge of wholesale and retail markets together with intelligence gained from additional research to determine market-leading trade in values.

Capital Easy holds strategic relations with Australia’s leading re-marketers of equipment ensuring your business maximises the value of any trade in with the guarantee that what you get paid isn’t eroded by transport or auction costs.