A Capital Easy Lease will enable your business to remain competitive and keep up with the rapid pace of technological change,
which is essential in today’s competitive business environment.

A Capital Easy Lease will enable your business to remain competitive and keep up with the rapid pace of technological change, which is essential in today’s competitive business environment.

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking” – Henry Ford

There is a wholeheartedness that we at Capital Easy admire in this quote. It is the ability to do something as best you can for its own sake; for the sheer satisfaction of knowing you have done the very best for your customer. If the motivation for a business’ actions is purely to gain income, or admiration or gratitude, then that business will disappoint.

IT Lifecycle management is often more complicated than it needs to be –
Let Capital Easy’s Device as a Service (DaaS) help!

Every year, your IT systems and services become more complex. We seem to have more devices and newer, faster, more multi-vendor environments to manage, more services and hardware spread across the business, more issues from an aging device fleet, more invoices and contracts, more budget constraints—and the list goes on. At Capital Easy we believe deploying and managing devices should be as simple as ordering “A Service”, and now it can be.

Our Device as a Service spans every stage of the lifecycle, and can be adapted to meet your business needs—so you don’t pay more than you need to. In addition, there is great security in having your devices managed, controlled, and disposed of safely by our Commonwealth Government accredited in house Reuse Recycle IT (link) arm. It all adds up to a worry-free experience. Now you can provide the devices and experiences your users want and love; the lifecycle efficiencies your business desires—with the economies of scale, national accountability and world-class services. The result is delighted by users; a transformed workplace, but a cost that meets the use period of the service. So by combining ICT hardware and services into a single agreement with one monthly payment, our “Device as a Service” can help improve your business cash flow, preserve capital to invest in other business priorities, and deliver a predictable and consistent IT budget.

So choose Capital Easy’s “Device as a Service” for predictability, security, and a transformed workplace. To find out more, please call 1300 136 052.

Pay as you grow

Capital Easy, in conjunction with its Government certified Protected Cloud partners, provide flexible ICT capacity that delivers a pay-as-you-grow solution enabling your business to scale up instantly to handle growth needs without the usual long procurement process. All of this without tying up capital, so your capacity doesn’t run out.

A dilemma for IT leaders

Enterprise IT leaders are facing business transformation pressures from multiple fronts, including new and evolving applications, regulatory requirements, security threats, business accountability, and line-of-business relationships. There is pressure to improve business agility, reduce cost, and increase return on investment while at the same time meeting service-level commitments to keep you competitive. To deal effectively with all of this, businesses ‘need a flexible, on-demand data center environment that enhances their ability to innovate while efficiently supporting current workloads. But IT faces a choice of how to consume such resources to provide the best mix of services:

This is where Capital Easy can help.

The choice is now yours ~ Either:

Invest capital to implement servers, storage, networking, and software to give your business capacity tailored to your workloads and operate it from a data center. This enables you to choose and manage your own IT; control security and privacy; and manage compliance and latency. However, it often means over-provisioning IT for the future payback period and tying up capital to be ready for growth or under-provisioning to cut costs and not being ready for new business opportunities. Both options are not attractive financially, and procuring new capacity typically takes months.

Consume IT from a Government Certified Protected cloud provider, thus enabling you to rapidly scale capacity to meet demands in the future. This common pay-per-use billing model frees your business from capital constraints, letting you focus on the service you get rather than the technology that delivers it. That said however, many IT leaders worry about security, data privacy, and latency issues of a cloud solution. That’s why at Capital Easy our “pay as you grow” flexibility capacity plan can improve both your business financial agility and capacity management, whilst tracking public or protected public cloud and on-premises IT spending with one monthly invoice. You not only gain predictable cash flows, but you also save the cost of unused capacity. And, because Flexible Capacity can potentially be treated as an operating expense, you may be able to move toward becoming a “zero-capital enterprise.”

So choose Capital Easy’ “Pay as you grow” for predictability, security, and to transform your business workplace.

To find out more, please call 1300 136 052.

STRIVE Principle

At Capital Easy we will underpin every aspect of our dealings with your Business by providing quality. Doing the very best we can for you and/or your business. We call it our STRIVE principle:

S – Service
T – Trust
R – Respect and Relationship
I – independence
V – Versatility and Value
E – Experience



Capital Easy acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples as the First Australians.

We acknowledge the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples across this land. We respectfully recognise Elders both past and present.