Thinking ahead of time, with changing work safety environment with COVID 19 Safety planning.

Capital Easy team has developed this new tool to maintain COVID work safe plan for Rapid Antigen testing for staff, visitors and contractors.

Product Overview


Designed by the industry experts utilizing field experience keeping in mind the limitation of large organization needs and training limitations.

First to market

As Antigen testing becomes part of the COVID work safe plan. We saw the need for Data Management.


Proven Data Accuracy, Data Security, Data Backup


Designed with the help and input of medical experts in the field COVID safety Framework.


Test Data

The antigen module allows you to keep all staff data and main records at a single location for all of your organization.

Re-test Notification

Auto reminder to remind site manager how many staff requires testing on that particular day.

SMS Notification

Antigen test results are SMS to the staff as digital proof. Reminder for the next test can also be SMS to staff.

Multi-site Management

Centralize staff management allows you to see all your organization’s COVID safety plan effectiveness.

Data Sharing

Our solution allows you to export staff data, site data according to your our needs.

Multiple Tests

One staff can manage multiple tests at the same time with accurate timing.

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