What are my options at the end of an operating lease?

Under an operating lease you agree to a minimum number of rental payments being made, at the end of that term you have a number of options open to you these are:

  • To rent new equipment

  • To continue to rent the same equipment at discount to your previous payments

  • To return the equipment

  • To buy the equipment at market value

Who do you lease to?

We lease to businesses, incorporated bodies, schools and government. We do not lease to home users for individual purposes.

What do you need to give me an approval?

Depending on the approval value we would need a copy of your financial accounts and business references. If you give us permission to contact your accountant we will save you time and get all the information direct.

Can I choose my own equipment?

Capital Easy are vendor independent which means we are free to work with any equipment suppliers you choose. You are free to choose the equipment you want, work with who you want and any savings you negotiate will flow on to you through lower lease prices.

Can I upgrade my equipment during the term?

Yes, equipment can be upgraded during your contract – we take into consideration the higher value of the equipment we have received back from you and take that from your outstanding payments and if there are any additional charges that can be rolled into your new agreement. Your business will always have access to the equipment it needs.


  • The team at Capital Easy have worked alongside the National Archives for a number of years. In line with governance we market tested that arrangement as part of our recent national desktop replacement tender. Capital Easy not only came in with the most cost effective leasing solutions they also recommended some different leasing products we could use. We were pleased to award Capital Easy with a new facility for our leasing requirements.
    Stuart Roberston
    Director Business Systems National Archives of Australia
  • As a Public Affairs business – relationships and strategic advice we know all to well. As a new business we were growing fast and wanted to open new offices to service national clients. Capital Easy looked at the strengths of our business and organized equipment funding for our new locations. We now have offices in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne and use Capital Easy for all our funding needs.
    Michelle MacDonald
    Director, Parker and Partners
  • Using Capital Easy meant I could specify the exact equipment I wanted. I could mix and match equipment type and supplier, whilst negotiating the best deal. Being vendor Independent Capital Easy were much cheaper than the finance offered by the retail vendor.
    Loc Luu
    Managing Director. LPJ and Associates
  • I have known and used the services of the principles of Capital Easy for over 20 years. In my past personal dealings they have demonstrated that they can reduce the overall cost of ownership of your IT equipment, spread payments over the life of equipment and free up important investment capital.
    Kevin Hunt
    CEO Mirvac Melbourne
  • In a constantly changing regulatory environment our business relies on a contemporary IT platform. As to today’s competitive business environment we need to make sure systems remains up to date. Using an Australian Accounting Standard  compliant (AAS 17) Operating Lease, Capital Easy gave us a life-cycle replacement plan and has reduced our total cost of equipment ownership by bundling maintenance, service and software as one basic monthly cost. It allows us to add or upgrade at any time during the term.
    Mark Hosking
  • Capital Easy holds a strong demonstrated capability with working with the Federal Government agencies. Recently its Operating Lease gave us the flexibility to upgrade our equipment during our lease term. We replaced our entire office of desktop PC’s whilst maintaining our lease payments at the same level.
    Dean Browne
    Professional Services Review Board
  • Following an exhaustive RFQ process, DFAT accepted a leasing model for the supply of PC’s and Printers under an Operating Lease. The Department gained benefits such as the ability to keep up to date with the latest technologies, and asset management. It is estimated that the leasing model will save DFAT at least $1.0m a year. By taking this path the Department has given the opportunity to an Australian company to manage and deliver its IT&T services and equipment.
    Doug Woodhouse
    Assistant Secretary – Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade.